If you need to prove your criminal record, the best way is to get an Apostille. In simple terms, an Apostille is a stamp that can be affixed to any document issued by a government agency (such as police records) so that it can be used in another country.

An Apostille is issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs. It certifies the authenticity of the signature and seal of the issuing authority. It must also be signed by the head of the relevant government department and two witnesses who were present at the time it was issued.

Apostilles are usually required when you want to use a document to obtain a visa or residency permit from another country. They are also useful when you want to use a document in court as evidence in another country.

The easiest way to get an Apostille for your police certificate is to go to the Department of Foreign Affairs in person and ask them to do it for you. However, sometimes this can be difficult because there are long queues and they may not have enough staff available at certain times of day or weekdays. If this happens, you’ll need to hire a apostille police record service to do it for you quickly and easily.

It is possible to get an Apostille for your police certificate from the Department of Foreign Affairs, but it will take a long time and you may have to queue up for hours. In general, this can be inconvenient if you don’t have time to wait around all day. If you need something done quickly, then hiring an Apostille Police Record Service will be better for you. They can send your documentation straight away and have it back within 48 hours.

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