• Website:
  • Ease Of Joining: 10 Out of 10
  • Joining Bonus: $1
  • Pay Per Survey: 9 Out Of 10
  • Payments: 9 Out of 10
  • Referral System 10 Out Of 10
  • Overall Score: 98 Out of 100



As you can see I gave CashCrate a very high score and have named it my 2nd highest ranking survey site. There are many reasons for this, which I get into detail a bit farther into this review, but mostly because of the many ways to earn, their great surveys, easy payments, and one of the best referral programs out there.

Before we get to far into this CashCrate Review I want to include payment proof, just so you know that CashCrate is legit and one of the best paid survey sites!

Let’s now take a look at all the ways you can earn money with CashCrate!

Ways To Earn With CashCrate


In this section you will get paid to complete offers. Most of these offers are free and require you to fill out forms with your information, but other will require you to spend money. Some are just free trials that you can cancel before you’re charged, but others do require some payment.


The first offer is a paid offer which you can see from the little red $ in the top right corner. Basically you spend $9.95 and you get $15, but you will need to cancel your membership before the special trial period to avoid being charged.

The next offer is very simple. Basically you fill out some forms with your information and then receive $1.20 for completing this offer.


In this section you will see a list of all the surveys that are available for you to take daily with CashCrate. Most of these surveys pay from $.50-$2.50 an vary in length from 10-20 minutes.

Here is an example of what you will see:

cashcrate surveys

Like I mentioned above these surveys are available daily so you can take them every single day!

Top Surveys

In this section they are basically pulling surveys from a 3rd party. These surveys aren’t as high paying as the Surveys under the Survey tab, but if you run out of survey to take this is an option to earn more money in a day.

Honestly I recommend just sticking with the Surveys tab because they are high paying and there is plenty to keep you busy!


Under this tab you will find the referral Center. I cover the referral system in detail below so keep on reading to learn more, but for now this is where you will find the details of the referral program and see how many people you have referred to CashCrate.

You will find your referral link in this section and some great tools like banners to add to your website, if you have one.

To really take your earnings with CashCrate to the next level I recommend taking advantage of the referral program. They have one of the most lucrative referral programs out there, that can really boost your earnings.

Bonus Surveys

Just like Top Surveys this tab is more surveys that are available through a third party provider. These surveys seem to be a little bit easier to complete then the Top Surveys tab, but they do pay a lower amount.

If you plan on taking surveys with CashCrate I recommend just sticking to the normal Surveys Tab.

Bonus Offers

This is very similar to the Offers page, but again these are provided by a third party. I recommend checking out this tab because it has different offers then the other page and some that are very good paying.

Just like the offers tab there are some completely free offers and paid offers where you will need to cancel your free trial to avoid being charged.

Cash Tasks

The cash tasks tab is another third party provider which is CrowdFlower. Basically in this tab you can get paid to complete easy tasks. These usually pay just a few cents and usually aren’t worth your time, but if you like doing things like visiting website for a duration of time and getting paid for it then this is your section.


Join Cashcrate

CashCrate Details

Joining Process 10 Out of 10

One thing I really like to cover when talking about survey sites is the joining process. This is the first thing you do and can give you great insight to what will be in store for the rest of your experience.

Cash Crate makes it very simple, they ask you for your email and name.

All you need to do is confirm you email address and your able to start taking surveys and earning money.

I gave this section a 10 out of 10 because it takes less then a few minutes to join and they don’t ask unnecessary information like telephone number.

Joining Bonus

Most survey sites do offer some type of bonus for joining. With CashCrate you will be given a $1 bonus for signing up and confirming your email address.

Along with getting your $1 bonus your immediately able to start taking surveys to earn more cash!

Pay Per Survey 9 Out of 10

I gave CashCrate a really good score on pay per survey. Just like all survey sites, surveys differ in length, but overall they are paying a fair and good rate for the time it takes to complete a survey. Here are a few screenshots of what to expect.


Payment System 9 Out of 10

I gave CashCrate’s payment system a great score because they do have a really good payment system.

They have a pretty low cash out amount of $20 which is pretty easy to reach each month.

They offer payments by Check and PayPal.

You must get paid by Check your first payment and MUST become a Silver Member before being able to get paid by PayPal.

Checks are mailed out on the 15th of the month, once you become Silver and receive payments by PayPal you will be paid on the 1st!

Kinda sucks that PayPal isn’t available for everyone, but it only took me a bit to get to Silver.

Referral Program 10 Out of 10

CashCrate has one of the best Survey Site Referral programs I have seen. Great for anyone! This program is a two tier program, which means you receive earnings for your referrals and also for the people they refer.

surveys for money

Join Cashcrate

There are 5 levels of the referral program. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite. Each level unlocks some great new bonuses and perks for referring people to Cash Crate. I cover them below:



This is the level everyone starts out on. With this level you earn 20% of your 1st level referrals and 10% of you 2nd level referrals.

You also earn a $3 bonus when your referral earns $10.

Silver 50 Active Referrals Needed

In this level you unlock some great advantages. First off you can now get paid by Check, PayPal, or Direct Deposit all on the first of the month.

You will earn 25% of your first level referrals earnings plus 10% of 2nd level referrals earnings.

You now also have the choice of choosing between $3 bonus for $10 in earnings or $1 for every new active referral.

The $1 per referral is a complete game changer in your referral earnings!

Gold 150 Active Referrals

Once you reach 150 active referrals you will now earn 25% of all 1st level earnings along with 15% of all 2nd level earnings.

Platinum 300 Active Referrals

With Platinum you will now earn 30% of all 1st level earnings along with 15% of all second level earnings.

Elite 500 Active Referrals

This is the top rank for the referral program, with this level you will earn 30% of all 1st level referrals earnings plus 20% of all second level earnings.

You also unlocks some great tools and tracking, plus you can now get paid weekly.

Like I said this is one of the best referral programs out there and becoming Silver and progressing through the ranks can earn you some great money!

Is CashCrate Legit?

CashCrate is a scam free and completely legit survey site. It’s actually one of my highest ranking survey sites I have reviewed.

I highly recommend joining CashCrate, because I have been personally paid by them, their surveys pay well, and they have one of the best referral programs I have ever been a part of.

If you would like to join CashCrate you can do so by clicking on the form below or by Joining CashCrate here.