Chemical compounds of all sorts are used in products, medications and in many other contexts. Given the plethora of research and development that occurs in several settings, opportunities often arise to seek patent protection for a new chemical product that can provide innovative changes to the way things are currently being done.

There are innumerable types of products that could be classified under the category of chemical patents. Below are a few examples of the types of innovations that could rightfully seek a chemical patent protection:

  • Fuel patents
  • Cleaning products patents
  • Agricultural plant treatment patents
  • Sealant patents
  • Adhesive patents
  • Insect spray patents
  • Vermin removal patents
  • Water treatment patents
  • Food preservative patents

As can be seen, the array of potential chemical patents is vast, and in order to properly seek patent protection, you’ll need to prepare some basic information in order to proceed through at least one and potentially two steps. There are patent agencies, such as InventHelp, that could help you out.

The Chemical Patent Search

Thousands of chemical patents are pending with the USPTO at any given time, so even if you think you’ve invented a new product, it’s possible that your idea has already been put forth by someone else. Therefore, before taking on the time and expense of pursuing a chemical patent application for a product that already exists, you need to perform a proper patent search to make sure the next step is worth taking. Below are some examples of information that will be useful for your search:

  • An overall description of the invention
  • A description of the processes involved with the chemical invention
  • A list of elements, molecules and compounds found in your invention
  • Results of testing regarding this invention

Obviously, there could be other tenets of your idea that would be relevant to your patent search, but which ones should be included depend largely on the specific nature of your idea.

However, the chemical patent search require an experienced hand, as these highly-technical processes are filled with potential pitfalls and problems, and any mistake, no matter how simple it may seem, could result in a patent application being denied. Therefore, if you have an invention based on chemicals that you want protected, contact InventHelp patent services to schedule an initial consultation.