There are plenty of paid survey (also know as “get paid to”) sites on the internet today, but you may find it difficult searching through all of them to find out which ones are legitimate opportunites to make money. One thing you have to realize with any business opportunity is there will always be people that will want to take your money (and the same holds true with survey sites). Lets take a look at one of the better well-known survey sites like Inbox Dollars .

There are a few characteristics of this company/site that we can take away and learn from:

1. How long the company has been around

You will notice that InboxDollars has been around since the year 2000, so a little over 8 years now. Any company or site that has been around that long, must be doing something right.

2. It is free to join

You should never pay to join a survey site or any “get paid to” site no matter what. Most of those sites just group a bunch of survey sites together and call them their “own database” of companies, when the truth of the matter is, they charge you a fee to get access, when you could have found them using your favorite search engine.

3. Testimonials are provided

Now testimonials is a good thing, but it is not an end all, as some websites may fabricate these. In addition to the testimonials on their site, you should also do a search for the company in a search engine to find some honest feedback on them. If you do a search on this company, you will find many people offering their own proof of payments as their testimonials showing that this company has been paying them for their work, which is great!

The last thing I would suggest doing is to simply do a search on the company in a search engine with the word “scam” behind it. If you find tons of reports stating people were never paid or other incidents, then I would suggest staying away from that company.

Now if you do a search for “InboxDollars scam”, I notice there are some listings, but not bad listings like you may expect. There were some people saying it was not a scam and that they have been getting paid on a regular basis.

Just some simple quick research for these characteristics will help you identify true money making opportunities that are legitimate. Now these paid surveys or “get paid to” sites won’t make you rich, but they can easily make you some real extra money that you can count on.


InboxDollars – will I get paid?

Yes you will would be the short answer. But, there is a longer answer for this. First of all they payout limit is a bit higher than other Paid Surveys sites. You need to have minimum $30 bucks in your account balance to be eligible for withdrawal. After you request your money, it can take up to 2 – 4 weeks to actually receive your money, but eventually you’ll get it. In most of times their payments are not on time, so don’t except fast cash with these guys.

Inbox Dollars Cons

As I said in previous section, they payout minimum is high($30). There are a lot of users complaining because of this and here is the reason behind it. Bunch of users reported that they spent 30 or even 50 days to get to that amount, since the majority of their surveys pays you in cents. There were complaints about the users who spent some serious time completing their survey only to get the notification that his/her survey was not successfully completed. But those are the high paying surveys, as I know there were no major issues with their regular offers. There are some users who complain about not getting paid and after reaching the payout limit, Inboxdollars just canceled their account, stating that the reason for it was fraudelent activity. You can find more info about InboxDollars negative reviews following the links through this article.

InboxDollars Pros

Like in any business there are good and there are bad reviews. When we want to talk about Inboxdollars there are a lot of positive reviews out there also. There are a lot of users who are making constant money with Inboxdollars, month by month with no issues. People must note that with Inboxdollars, just like any other survey site, the most important factor on how much money can you make and are you qualified for all the good, high paying surveys is your demographic. That means that Inboxdollars will give you the surveys based on your location. After some research, it is known fact that US residents get the most and the best surveys from Inboxdollars. Thus people from USA can make most money from them. People are giving some great Inboxdollars reviews and you can learn more about Inboxdollars positive reviews here.

InboxDollars Review
  • Points per survey
  • Rewards
  • Earning potential
  • Legitimity


Inboxdollars SurveysInboxDollars

  • Up to 500 points per survey.
  • Redeemable for cash & prizes after 5000 points.
  • $5 Signup Bonus

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