Is Your Idea Unique to Getting A Patent?

Qualifying for a patent requires that your invention has to be new and never accomplished before now. Showing the workings and its creation from beginning to end will be helpful. Even if it somewhat resembles something that’s already patented, the patent is still possible as long as your particular creation differs in some essential aspect. Searching not only the United States but, on occasion, foreign patents may be necessary. Technical and scientific journals should be in referred to while checking your invention’s originality. Hiring professional patenting agency such as InventHelp is highly recommendable.

Applying For A Patent – The Cost

Remember that this is a business decision and could cost $1500 or more for the filing and actual receipt of a patent. You should be absolutely sure that this is something you can afford before a bad decision ruins your chances before you even begin. Investors come in handy right about now. Find someone who believes in your product and is willing to invest in it. You can pay them back or give them a percentage of your profits.

Obtaining A Patent – What’s A Provisional Patent?

Once all these other steps have been accomplished, you’re finally ready for the step of preparing and filing the patent application. A provisional patent will protect your invention for one year while you work out the bugs, but eventually an all out patent will need to be filed if you are to have not only the rights to your invention but receive the credit for its original creation as explained on

Why Get A Patent?

There are people out there making millions off of the tiniest most simplistic ideas. Velcro, glue, frisbees and even certain pieces of medical equipment were once just an idea in someone’s head. You could be a millionaire genius in the making. Who knew this could happen just by getting a patent?

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