Percussion instruments are most often defines as any object that makes its sound by being struck, shaken, rubbed or any such action. Usually, the percussion instrument aides in the rhythmic aspects of the music. Percussio is the Latin for beat, in the musical sense. The earliest instruments were percussion drums, rattles and wooden blocks.

Idiophones produce sound through out the whole body of the instrument by vibration. Bells, chimes, cymbals, singing bowls, and xylophones. Percussion instruments can be split into many different categories. You can find a particular percussion instrument by its country of origin. Or find out if it is a Pitched or unpitched instrument.

Membranophones are drums. The Bongos, Conga, Snare drum and the Tom-Tom are percussion membranophones.


Also the piano is a percussion instrument. It falls in the Chordophone family. Most chordophones are found in the string family. Electrophones such as drum machines are also considered percussion instruments. You can find all these percussion instruments on sale at internet. Get new or used percussions. Many stores has cheap percussion instruments for sale.

Percussion Xylophones and Marimbas

Xylophones are an instrument that consists of bars of various sizes. You tap on the different bars to get varying sounds. Xylophones are in the percussion family.

Xylophones or Marimbas originated separately in Asia and Africa. They didn’t spread to Europe until the Crusades. By the 1910’s many artists were using the Xylophone in their shows.

The Xylophone is a predecessor to the Vibraphone. The made difference in that the Vibraphone is made with aluminum bars not wood. It is most often featured in jazz music.