Private Label Rights (PLR) products are products which, once purchased, you can do anything you like with them. Have you ever stopped to consider the possibilities you have with such products? Ever been stuck thinking of a new giveaway to offer your subscribers? Or can’t you think of that idea for an article to promote your latest product or site? PLR products, PLR Articles and any PLR’s are the answer, however, time and time again I see people falling for the same mistakes and aren’t using these products to their full potential.

The first mistake people make is not putting their own stamp on the product, this means they are using it as it is, simply putting their name on the bottom and placing the product for sale or give it away. The problem with this is that it is just another carbon copy of the thousands of copies out there. Think about it, if you have paid money to use this product as your own, how many other marketers will have done the same thing? You must put your own twist on the article, make it your own, this may take a little time but it is nothing when compared to writing your own product from scratch.

The second mistake I also see people make is using the same unprofessional graphics they are given with the product when purchased. I don’t mean that the creators of these products don’t know what good graphics look like but if you were creating a PLR product would you really pay all that money for top quality graphics for a product which makes you around $5 a sale? I know I wouldn’t. So the graphics you are given are no good, this is where you purchase your own graphics or even create them yourself if you are skilled enough and this will make a huge difference in the look of your product, so much so that the original creator should struggle to recognize it as their own.

99% of Private Label Rights Marketers out there simply slap their name on the bottom of the product and then begin selling it. Is it really such a huge shock that 99% of these marketers fail to earn even a dollar online using PLR products? They are simply following the rest of the herd when it comes to using PLR products and are falling for the same mistakes time and again.
If you want to be regarded as part of the 1% who know how to market using PLR then you must rectify these mistakes today.