Real estate professionals are an interesting bunch. They represent a very particular personality type that makes them very good at what they do. Real estate professionals are always on; always ready for a referral, a lead or deal to close. Any real estate professional would jump at the opportunity to get more targeted leads, more referrals and more motivated buyers. So why is it that many real estate professionals resist setting up a real estate website?

A more practical approach adopted by real estate professionals is the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ attitude. If selling real estate off line works and I’ve been doing it successfully for years, why change now. Learning something new like using a real estate website simply takes time away from my daily sales opportunities. Of course, if it works, keep doing it. This particular approach is a little more outcome oriented then the last one as at least it is somewhat sales oriented.

The reality is that real estate is not a static field. It is about generating as many quality leads as possible and converting them to sales. There is no single way to get more leads then maximizing a real estate website. A quality website can draw over 1000 unique and targeted visitors every single day. Even if it were possible, contact 1000 people everyday on the phone, the reality is that you could not convert as many into leads and closed deals. Ignoring the internet, no matter how hard you try won’t make it go away. In fact, ignoring the internet, in the long run will push you further and further out of competitive circles.

Real estate professionals who utilize the web as a lead generation tool simply make more money – and there is no denying that. Denying the importance of the internet in real estate sales is literally issuing yourself a pay cut. And today it has never been easier to make a professional looking real estate website with all the templates and plugins such as the iHomefinder or IDX Broker and you can click here to read more about them.

Real estate websites are here to stay. They have tremendous lead generation potential and greatly effect your bottom line. Choose to accept it or not, but the end of the day, the only thing that really suffers is your pay check. Be smart, and don’t fall victim to the monsters that prevent real estate professionals from maximizing their online presence.