In a world increasingly embracing the gig economy and remote work options, online surveys have become a popular means of earning supplemental income. One such platform that purports to offer these opportunities is Survey Voices. However, with the rise of online scams, it’s important to critically evaluate such platforms before indulging in them. This review provides an in-depth look at what Survey Voices offers, its pros and cons, helping paint a clearer picture of whether it’s a legitimate earnings opportunity or a cleverly disguised scam.

Survey Voices Review: Are They Legit or a Scam?

Survey Voices is a platform that connects individuals with paid survey opportunities. With the increasing popularity of online surveys as a means of earning extra income, there has been a rise in fraudulent schemes as well. In this review, we will take a closer look at Survey Voices and evaluate whether it is a legitimate earning opportunity or a scam.

How Survey Voices Works

Survey Voices claims to provide users with access to multiple survey sites and earning opportunities. Here’s a breakdown of how it operates:

  • Users sign up for an account on the Survey Voices website.
  • Users are then redirected to various survey sites for sign up.
  • Upon completing surveys, users can earn rewards from these third-party sites.

Pros of Survey Voices

There are some advantages to using Survey Voices. Some of them include:

  • Free to join: Survey Voices does not charge users to sign up on their platform.
  • Variety: By providing access to various survey sites, Survey Voices offers a wide range of options for users to choose from.

Cons of Survey Voices

Unfortunately, there are more downsides to using Survey Voices than positives. These include:

  • Not a direct survey site: Survey Voices does not offer surveys themselves but redirects users to third-party survey sites.
  • Inconsistency in quality: Due to their association with multiple survey sites, the quality and authenticity of surveys may vary.
  • Spams and promotional offers: Users often complain about receiving unsolicited emails and promotional offers after signing up on Survey Voices.

Verdict: Legit or Scam?

While Survey Voices may not be a complete scam, the platform is not entirely transparent or reliable. Users should approach it with caution and vigilance, given the risks of potential spam and inconsistent survey quality. There are many reputable survey sites available online, so it’s crucial to research and choose a more reliable option for earning extra income through surveys.

Survey Voices
  • Points per survey
  • Rewards
  • Earning potential
  • Legitimity

Survey Voices Review

SurveyVoices SurveysSurveyVoices

  • Up to 200 points per survey.
  • Points can be turned into cash after 1000 points.
  • Surveys pay up to $5


Survey Voices is another great site that would earn you quick money filling out reviews. The Survey Voices by Reward Zone USA LLC works as a third party portal for market research companies connecting you with companies that need some information on certain products and services. Joining Survey Voices is free and quite simple. You are required to enter your email and fill in a series of background information about yourself. This is then followed by a qualifying survey. Once through with the registration process, you will be presented with a couple of exclusive offers that can get you some really good cash. However, it is worth noting that Survey Voices only acts as a third party and does not pay you directly.

The site pays up to $5 for a survey which is really good. I think this is one of the highest paying online surveys with a good return for your effort. They have a decent ratio on the rewards of points to dollars compared to most paid surveys. They have a good customer support just in case you have any issue which is great for a take surveys for money site. The one caution is to try and avoid scam sites that ask too many questions and never end up paying. However, most of the companies that Survey Voices connects you with are legit and pay well after the survey is over, and you’ve earned your target points.

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So what exactly is Survey Voices compared to other paid survey sites?

Survey Voices is a platform that claims to act as an intermediary, connecting users with various paid survey opportunities from third-party websites. To better understand how it stands out or differs from other paid survey sites, let’s compare its features and services with those offered by other more direct survey sites.

Survey Voices

As mentioned before, Survey Voices is not a direct survey website. Instead, it aggregates opportunities from different survey sites and serves as a hub for users to access those platforms. Here’s an overview of its characteristics:

  • Third-party surveys: Survey Voices does not create or provide their own surveys; they only direct users to other websites that offer such services.
  • No direct rewards: Since Survey Voices serves as a middleman, they do not offer users direct rewards for completing surveys. Rewards are only obtainable through the third-party websites that host the surveys.
  • Referrals and promotions: Survey Voices has a focus on promoting various partner survey platforms and offers.

Other Paid Survey Sites

In contrast to Survey Voices, other paid survey sites often provide direct access to surveys and maintain control over the entire user experience. Some features of direct survey sites include:

  • Direct surveys: These sites create or source their own surveys and provide them to users on their platform.
  • Transparent rewards system: Users can directly track and redeem rewards earned from taking surveys on the site, such as cash, gift cards, or other benefits.
  • Consistent experience: Users can expect a more consistent experience on direct survey sites in terms of survey quality, reward rates, and user support.

To sum up, Survey Voices differs from other paid survey sites in that it acts as an intermediary between survey takers and third-party survey platforms. The primary focus of Survey Voices is to promote various partner survey platforms rather than provide direct access to paid surveys itself. This approach results in a lack of direct rewards, consistency, and quality control typically found on more direct survey sites. Users should weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether Survey Voices or another direct survey site is the better choice for their needs.

Survey Voices Company Reputation

Assessing a company’s reputation is crucial before engaging with their platform or services. We have consolidated various sources of online feedback to provide a comprehensive overview of Survey Voices’s reputation.

Online Review Scores

Survey Voices has a mixed reputation based on user feedback from various review platforms. Some users appreciate the broad range of surveys offered via the platform, while others have expressed dissatisfaction with certain issues.

  • Review scores range from positive to negative. However, on platforms like Trustpilot, there are more negative reviews than positive ones.
  • Common complaints regard excessive promotional emails after sign-up and difficulty unsubscribing from their mail listings.
  • Some users have flagged concerns about spam, unsolicited contact from third parties, and privacy issues.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating

A key indicator of a company’s reputation is its score on Better Business Bureau (BBB), a platform that accredits businesses and provides them with a ranking based on their business practices.

  • Survey Voices is not BBB accredited, which can sometimes be a red flag about a company’s operations and legitimacy.
  • The BBB score of Survey Voices is also unavailable, lessening the firm’s overall trustworthiness and reputation.

User Testimonials

User testimonials and feedback from those who have used the platform can offer a more realistic perspective of the company’s reputation.

  • The experiences of users vary widely, with some users expressing satisfaction with the services provided, whilst others have shared unfavorable experiences.
  • The negatives pointed out by users predominantly revolve around excessive spam, privacy concerns, and inadequate technical support.

While Survey Voices may not be a scam in the traditional sense, its reputation does seem to be concerning in the digital space. The lack of a BBB accreditation, mixed to negative online reviews, and user complaints about spam and privacy issues imply precaution is advisable when considering using their services.

How Survey Voices Works

Survey Voices is not a traditional survey provider, but a platform that curates paid survey opportunities from various other platforms. The process for a user to navigate and use Survey Voices can be broken down into these steps:

Step 1: Sign-up Process

The user signs up for a free account on the Survey Voices platform through a relatively straightforward process. The registration form asks for basic information like name, email address, and sometimes specific demographic data.

Step 2: Survey Recommendation

Once the user has successfully registered, they are directed to a list of recommended survey sites. This list is determined based on the information provided during sign-up.

Step 3: Redirect and Sign-up Again

Clicking on any of these recommended surveys will redirect the user to the third-party survey website. The user then has to register separately on these third-party survey platforms to participate in their surveys.

Step 4: Complete Surveys

The user completes the surveys available on these third-party websites. Each survey platform will have its reward system and payout structure.

Step 5: Earnings Collection

The user will collects earnings directly from the third-party survey sites. Survey Voices itself does not pay the user; it merely connects user to these websites.

In essence, Survey Voices functions more like a survey directory or aggregator rather than a standard survey site. For this reason, it is critical for users to understand how each specific third-party survey website works, including their privacy policies, rewards system, and terms of service.

Survey Voices Earning Potential

It is important to recognize that the earning potential on Survey Voices is not directly associated with the platform itself, but with the third-party survey sites they connect you to. Since Survey Voices serves as an aggregator, your earning potential will be determined by the quality and quantity of surveys available on the specific external websites.

Factors Influencing Earning Potential

Several factors can influence your earning potential while utilizing Survey Voices:

  1. Demographic Profile: Your demographic information may affect your eligibility for various surveys on third-party websites. Some surveys are designed to target specific age groups, genders, or geographic locations, which might either increase or decrease your chances of qualifying for these surveys.
  2. Availability of Surveys: Your earnings are directly proportional to the number of surveys you can access and complete on the third-party websites. Survey availability can fluctuate based on market research requirements, which may impact your potential to generate income.
  3. Payout Rates: Each third-party survey website has its payout rates and reward structures. The amount you can earn from completing a survey will depend on the specific site’s policies and how lucrative their rewards are.
  4. Time Investment: The time and effort you can commit to taking surveys will determine your earnings. Be mindful that surveys can be time-consuming, especially when you need to sign up for multiple third-party websites.

Prospective Earnings

While it is challenging to provide an exact figure on potential earnings, the following can give you an idea of what you might expect:

  • Surveys can range in rewards from a few cents to several dollars per completion.
  • Specialized surveys targeting specific demographics may offer higher rewards but could be limited in number.
  • Expect occasional bonuses and incentives provided by third-party survey sites.

It is vital to manage your expectations when it comes to earnings from online surveys. In most cases, taking surveys is considered a supplementary income and not a primary source of financial stability.

Although Survey Voices does not guarantee a high earning potential due to its role as a survey aggregator, users willing to devote time and effort can find some opportunities to make extra income. However, potential earnings through Survey Voices will depend on factors such as demographic profile, survey availability, and third-party payout rates. For a more consistent and direct survey-taking experience, users might consider joining well-established and reputable survey platforms.

Survey Voices Payment Methods

Considering that Survey Voices is an aggregator platform that connects you with other third-party survey websites, it does not directly provide payment to its users. Instead, the payment methods depend on the individual survey platforms that Survey Voices points you to. Each of these external platforms has their own unique structure for payments and rewards. Therefore, in order to provide an understanding, we shall discuss the common payment methods typically found on most survey websites:

1. PayPal Payments

Many survey platforms use PayPal as a primary method of payment for its convenience and almost universal acceptance. PayPal allows users to receive money directly into their account which can then be transferred to a bank account or converted into different currencies.

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards to various popular retailers, including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, are commonly offered as reward options on multiple survey websites. They are often digital, allowing for easy online use.

3. Bank Transfers

Some platforms may offer to transfer your earnings directly to your bank account. While this method is straightforward, it may come with certain limitations or specific requirements depending on the platform.

4. Check Payments

While less commonly used due to the digital nature of most platforms, some survey platforms may still offer payments by check. These checks are typically mailed out to your given address.

5. Reward Points

Some survey websites have a system that credits users with reward points for completed surveys. These points can then be redeemed for various rewards, including cash and gift cards.

Each third-party platform presents its own set of payment options and rules regarding how and when you can access your rewards. It is always crucial to review the payment methods, minimum payout thresholds, and withdrawal conditions of these sites before investing time in completing the surveys. Therefore, it would be inaccurate to associate a standardized payment method directly with Survey Voices due to its role as an aggregator.

Is Survey Voices Worth It?

When deciding on whether Survey Voices is “worth it,” there are several factors to consider. From the user’s perspective, the platform can offer convenience by compiling various survey opportunities in one place. However, some points may seem less appealing. Here’s a breakdown of important considerations:


Variety: Survey Voices can expose you to a diverse range of third-party survey sites that you may not have come across otherwise. This increases the possibility of finding surveys that match your interest and demographics.

Convenience: Instead of searching for legitimate paid survey sites yourself, Survey Voices does the work for you by collecting opportunities in one place.

Free to Use: There’s no cost to sign up and use Survey Voices. Plus, it can potentially lead you to some paid opportunities on third-party websites.


Indirect Payments: Survey Voices doesn’t directly pay its users for taking surveys. You have to sign up individually for each third-party platform and earn money there.

Redirections: Clicking on surveys on the platform often redirects you to other websites, which can be disruptive and possibly a bit confusing.

Email Notifications: After signing up for various third-party survey sites, you might receive an influx of emails and notifications from them.


Whether or not Survey Voices is worth it depends on individual preference. If you appreciate the convenience of having various survey opportunities presented in one place and don’t mind signing up for multiple platforms to access the actual payouts, Survey Voices may be beneficial. On the other hand, if you prefer a direct and less multi-step approach to paid surveys, you might find more value by directly joining a reputable survey site. As always, do your due diligence, manage your expectations, and invest your time wisely while participating in earning opportunities online.