You’ve had a specialist assess your building’s roof and realize that there’s no alternative but to have it replaced. It’s so worn out or old or damaged that repairs will only provide temporary relief (if that) – and you’ll anyway end up having to change it completely.

Now that you’ve made that decision, there are still a few things to finalize before handing the job over to commercial roofers Pittsburgh PA. You can choose the color and type of roofing materials you will use for the new roof. But technical factors and cost alone are not all you must factor in. There are 3 more important elements:

  • resistance to elements like weather, water, hail, wind and fire
  • manufacturer’s warranty for roofing materials
  • quality and reliability of the materials being used

The type and quality of materials you choose for roofing will impact your expense and the choice of contractor. Composite shingles are lighter than concrete or asphalt shingles. Labor costs will be proportionately lesser because the job can get done faster.

Technical factors about your roof will also determine your costs. Unusual roof shapes can take more effort to shingle, increasing labor expenses. And steep roofs are harder to work on too. Roofing is generally measured in ‘squares’ which are 100 square feet in area.

The choice of roofing that you opt for will depend to an extent upon where you live. Local weather conditions may drive your choice of roofing options. Wet, dark and damp locales have a higher risk of roofing shingles getting mold or algae growing on them, making it a wise choice to select specially coated shingles that inhibit micro-organism growth.

In extremely sunny areas, it may be a smart move to install solar shingles so that you can save on energy bills and even enjoy electricity credits by generating power from solar light to power household needs. If forest fires are common in your area, the need for fire-proof roofing material is paramount. And in extremely windy parts of the world, you must understand the stresses on your roofing shingles and take extra care to use adhesives to seal them on firmly.

Roofing materials have evolved enormously in recent decades. The wide range of choice is matched by a diverse set of benefits and unique features that make selecting the right option for your building a task that calls for research and getting recommendations from a Pittsburgh roofing contractor.