More and more things traditionally involving human interaction can now be accomplished in the privacy of one’s own home. What used to involve visiting a doctor can now be done with test kits ordered online. Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and as it is often symptomless, is also referred to as the silent infection. If you are unsure as to whether or not you have Chlamydia but do not want to visit a doctor, you can order a Chlamydia home test kits and find out for certain.

Home-Test Kit

For men, the Chlamydia home-test kit involves collecting a urine sample. The kit provider will include a container for the urine sample, along with a prepaid envelope to send the urine sample to their partner laboratory.

The Chlamydia home-test kit for women involves a swab sample. The swab is included in the test kit and comes with instructions on how to collect the sample. There will also be a tube provided to protect the sample. A prepaid envelope to send the tube to the partner laboratory is also included.

For both men and women, the test results will reveal whether or not you have Chlamydia, and the results are 99.9 percent accurate. The results are also very quick, arriving two-to-three days after the lab receives your sample.

Why Use a Home Test?

When it comes to testing for STIs at home, it is a quick, effective, and simple process. Many people go undiagnosed as they are afraid of the social stigma of going to a doctor to get tested for STIs and STDs. They feel as though they are admitting to being promiscuous, but the reality is, if you are engaging in unprotected sex outside of a monogamous relationship, you should be regularly tested for STIs and STDs.

The availability of home tests has lessened incidences of people who should be tested not undergoing testing as the anonymity and convenience make it easier for people to undergo regular testing. This lessens the likelihood that people are living with unknown infections or diseases while spreading them through every subsequent sexual partner.

So if you are someone who could be a carrier of an STI or STD, consider looking into At Home STD Test Kit. Don’t only think of yourself, but also your current sexual partner, as well as any future ones. Help stop the dangerous spread of STIs and STDs by getting yourself tested regularly by a doctor or using home-test kits available for ordering online.