Wedding Ring For Your Special Day

The tradition of exchanging wedding rings is centuries old, and is one the most important elements of not only your wedding day, but also in your future, with your wedding rings representing the love between two people and the commitment made between them.

Traditionally, wedding rings have been simple, plain precious metal bands made from either white gold or yellow gold. The bride and groom generally have a matching profile, with his slightly wider than hers, as a matching set.

Nowadays, however, it’s all change. More and more ladies want a matching 結婚戒指 to their engagement ring, not only in profile and metal, but also containing diamonds! In other words, if she has a platinum round cut solitaire engagement ring, she may well want a platinum wedding ring set with round diamonds.

Does this push the price up? Of course it does, although not as much as you might expect.

As you’ll probably already know, a single stone diamond is much more expensive than a number of smaller diamonds totaling the same carat weight. In other words, a one carat single diamond will be worth way, way more than 10 x 0.10ct diamonds totaling one carat. This is good news for your wedding ring purchase, as wedding rings can generally only accommodate smaller diamonds set into them, and so the cost impact is not huge.

Having diamonds in wedding rings is more for aesthetics than anything else, but I would say that be careful not to detract from the beauty of the diamond in your engagement ring. A white, colorless and well cut diamond naturally draws the attention of the eye….so why jeopardise this.

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