We will describe about the major steps involved in filing a patent. The first and foremost step before filing a patent is patent research. A patent research needs to be done by an expert patent researcher who has in-depth knowledge about specialized researching techniques viz. patent cross referencing, classification code systems. A patent research analyst must search thoroughly through all available full-text and full page image databases.

If the patent already exists, the process should be ended there and then. If the similar idea is found, the researcher must further research and find out any possible conflicts which may arise while drafting the patent. Any suggestions for improvement and corrections must be shared with the inventor and can be rectified.

Coming on the next step of the patent process, we now have to decide what type of application we are filing. It is basically a broad range of categories which we need to select under which one would like to list his patent. Some of these categories may be a Design patent, a Plant patent or the most commonly used Utility patent.

A utility patent generally includes ideas such as useful machines, machine parts, useful processes used in day to day manufacturing, matter composition etc. The next thing which we need to make clear is our patent filing strategy. We must make it clear whether we would like to file the patent only in our country or we would like to file the patent globally as both the filling procedures are different. Therefore, it would be best to consult with professionals, such as patent services InventHelp agency, first.

Before asking your patent agent to file a patent or before filling it yourself, your must ensure that you have drafted the following things:

  • A request for a patent.
  • Details of the applicant.
  • A description of the invention.
  • Claims.
  • Drawings (if any).
  • An abstract.

You may also take the help of your patent agent for clarifying and doubts about your invention as they must be experienced in the procedures. You must also trust the skills and judgments of your patent agent as the process of filling a patent is quite tedious and requires a mixture of hardcore technology with law. The claims must be drafted in a proper manner as they provide the judgment to any patent and are of pivotal importance.

At all stages, you must also be prepared for paying a certain amount of fees depending upon the options you chose for filing your patent. Some of these fees include Patent Application Filing Fees, Patent Search Fees, Patent Examination Fees, Patent Post-Allowance Fees, Patent Maintenance Fees, Miscellaneous Patent Fees, Post Issuance Fees, Patent Extension of Time Fees, Patent Appeals/Interference Fees, Patent Petition Fees, Patent Service Fees , Patent Enrollment Fees. Depending upon the choices you make, the amount may vary for which you can consult your patent agent or the patent attorney.

The process of filling a patent is tedious and may require a lot of time. The process involves a mixture of technology about your intellectual property, a hardcore research work related to the intellectual property, searching databases, drafting and documentation coupled with all the legal procedures. The waiting time is long and your might have to wait for about 1-2 years for your patent to be published and be available in the databases accessible to other people as you can see from this article – Patent my invention through InventHelp. Once your patent is granted, you become eligible to claim any damages caused due to any kind of infringements made since the time you filled your application till the time your patent is valid.