Not all things are created equal! If you are looking to purchase or rent a knee scooter look for the following features.

Features to Look for on a Knee Scooter

Fully rotatable wheels – Some knee scooters have wheels that are restricted to move in only a 180 degree manner. This is usually to help prevent accidents on the knee scooter but if you are using it correctly you will not need this aid to avoid such things. Having wheels that fully rotate in a 360 circle will greatly increase the ease of use of the knee scooter and make getting around much easier.

You will specifically notice the advantage of having fully rotating wheels when you try to turn around in a knee scooter. If you have fully rotating wheels you can stay in one spot and turn around, if your wheels do not turn completely around you will most likely have to move forward and at an angle in order to face the opposite direction.

Padded Handlebars – Most knee scooters will come with handles that are padded, but it’s additionally important to make sure that the handlebars are comfortable as you will have your hands on them for a long period of time. Handlebars that have soft gel covers are best, if you use a knee scooter that has hard rubber handlebars you run a higher chance of getting blisters on your hand after a full day of use.

Handle Brakes – While not all knee scooters have this option and it’s not essential, it’s a nice thing to have. Some knee scooters will sport handle brakes which allow you to slow down your knee scooter. You may think this is unnecessary until you find yourself on a downward slope on the kneed scooter. You don’t want to put all of the job on your good leg to stop you or you could end up injuring it as well!

Well Cushioned Knee Seat – This is essential. Your knee / leg will be on this cushion for the duration of the use of the knee scooter so you want to be sure that it is extremely comfortable to use for a long period of time. Most knee scooters will have this covered.

Adjustable Handlebars – This comes on most knee scooters as a great way to adjust to the height of any person who uses it. This is important or you will end up straining your back if you have to lean too far forward to reach the handlebars.

A fold away body style. Many knee scooters are made for only use around open areas and transported by larger vehicles like a van. But this can be inconvenient if you have a compact car and completely unpractical unless you’re willing to purchase another vehicle. Be sure to check out knee scooters which have fold away designs and joints so that it can easily be compacted and small enough to fit into the back seat or trunk of your vehicle.

These joints should “snap” securely into place to be sure this doesn’t happen while you’re using it, but should unsnap fairly easily to be sure that you can place it into your vehicle in as little time as possible and without having to contort into a position that could strain your injures.

Reflectors. This is not an essential piece of any knee scooter, but if you want to be visible at night you can get a knee scooter that has one to two reflectors on it similar to a bicycle. This is simply a preference and not a must have for these devices as most people will not be traveling at night on these very much.

Take time to look at all different types of knee scooters to find the best knee scooter for your needs, as they’re going to be with you for a long time while you get back to your health – good luck!